GB 6675 National toy safety technical specification

The standard applies to all toys, that is designed or scheduled for children under the age of 14 to play all the products and materials.
1. Mechanical and physical properties
1.1 Normal use
1.2 Foreseeable and reasonable misuse
1.3 Materials
1.4 Small Parts
1.5 The shape, scale and strength of certain toys
1.6 edges
1.7 tip
1.8 protrusions
1.9 Wire and rods
1.10 Plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys
1.11 Cords and elastic ropes
1.12 folding mechanism
1.13 Hole, clearance and accessibility in mechanical devices
1.14 Spring
1.15 stability and load requirements
1.16 Enclosed toys
1.17 Imitation protective toys
1.18 catapult toys
1.19 Water toys
1.20 Braking device
1.21 Toy bikes
1.22 speed requirements of electric baby carriage
1.23 heat source toys
1.24 Liquid filled toys
1.25 oral toys
1.26 toys skates and skateboards toys
1.27 Toy powder caps
1.28 Similar simulation weapons toys
2. Combustion performance
2.1 General requirements
2.2 beard, tentacles, wigs and masks and other hair accessories or other headdress toys
2.3 make-up clothing
2.4 toys for children to enter
2.5 Software-filled toys
3. Migration of specific elements
4. Toy logo and instructions
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