In order to ensure the impartiality of the inspection work, Shenzhen UONE Testing Limited (hereinafter referred to as UONE)made the following statement:

1, Shenzhen Yu crown detection Limited (referred to as UONE) inspection business acceptance of China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment of the guidance and supervision.

2 where the marketing department of UONE TEST, business staff, you will certainly be able to find them on our website to prevent counterfeiting.

3 where the UONE TEST test products (outsourcing, except) are available on our website to check the progress and reports to prevent counterfeiting.
4 UONE TEST never authorized the collection of any staff testing costs, to prevent you to bring unnecessary losses.

5 UONE TEST to national laws and regulations as the yardstick to the technical standards as the basis, an independent business activities. Judgment of test results based on test data, not from the parties, whether administrative or external economic interests of the factors of interference and interference.

6 UONE TEST to ensure the inspection of all commissioned services are to provide the same level of service and quality of work. Not to disseminate, do not disclose the technical information provided by the client, the patented product and inspection data, and strict confidentiality of inspection results to protect the confidential information and the rights of the client.

7, the company requires all staff to be honest, impartial, shall not engage in business within the scope of technology transfer and joint venture with the inspection unit and any other activities detrimental to impartiality.

8. Personnel unrelated to inspection and other personnel not under UONE TEST shall not intervene and interfere with the inspection work for any reason and in any way, regardless of their duties and working characteristics. They shall not have any contact with the inspection product data, samples and Testing data, not to the company personnel to understand the dynamic test and the test data, not in various forms to exert influence on the inspectors.

9, UONE TEST general manager is the main leadership to ensure that the company's inspection business from other aspects of the Company and I intervene and in human, material and financial resources to actively support the company's construction, and constantly improve and develop detection methods to improve the inspection environment Conditions, do logistical support work.

The above statement, please supervision, guidance, support.

—— Shenzhen UONE Testing limited