NCC, in short for The National Communications Commission, mainly manages and controls communication information equipment circulated and used in Taiwan Market.
LPE:Low Power Equipment (such as Bluetooth, WIFI and so on);  
TTE:Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (mobile phone, plate, etc). 
NCC ’ s scope of certification of products:  
       1)low power radio frequency motors whose working frequencies are from 9kHz to 300GHz, such as wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11a/b/g), UNII, RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless headset microphone, radios, radio controlled toys, all kinds of wireless remote controls and wireless anti-theft devices, etc.
      2)The public switched telephone network (PSTN) equipment, such as wired telephone (including VOIP phone), automatic alarm equipment, telephone answering machines, fax machines, remote control device, wireless wired telephone main machine, key telephone systems, data equipment (including ADSL devices), then display terminal equipment, 2.4GHz RF telecommunications terminal equipment, etc.      
Land mobile communication network equipment (PLMN), such as wireless broadband access in mobile station equipment (WiMAX, mobile terminal equipment) GSM 900/DCS 1800 mobile phone and terminal equipment (mobile phone 2G), the third generation mobile communication terminal equipment (mobile phone 3G) , etc.
The proportion description of NCC sign 
The proportion description of NCC sign:
       1. Be attached or printed on the body of equipment in the appropriate proportion. No requirements on maximum or minimum size, following the principle of clearness.      
The NCC sign should be attached to the product with an approval number in accordance with the provisions. It’s single-color, clear and easy to be identified.
      The sample of Label PASS
      In order to meet the needs of Taiwan Customs Trade Facilitation, from January 1st 1995 on, the sample of Label PASS of telecommunications and telecommunications terminal equipment after revising shows as the following; 
       For the low-power radio-frequency motor and wireless telecommunication terminal equipment which have obtained the qualified number before December 31, 2004, if the examination qualified number is converted into the new code type (customs code)
The comparative analysis between NCC certification and BSMI certification in Taiwan
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