physical testing

 UONE laboratory can check the product's shape, size, hardness, tensile and combustion properties and other physical and mechanical performance indicators to ensure that your product will not cause harm to the user, in accordance with local laws, according to product categories and export destination regulatory requirements REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS.

Physical performance test:

  • Color fastness to washing: color fastness to washing, color fastness to dry cleaning, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to water, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to saliva, testing of small parts, testing of specific toys Shape and size test; ball test; hair ball test; preschool doll test; toy parts or components accessibility test; sharp edge test; sharp tip test; plastic film thickness test;Rope test; imitation protective toy impact test; projectile, bow and arrow kinetic energy test; temperature rise test; liquid filled toy leak test; swell material test; drop test; tipping test; torsion test; tension test; Test; SPL Test; Magnet Pull Test; Flux Index Test; Magnet Impact Test; Magnet Immersion Test
  • Product name, product model, product standard number, age range, safety warning, plush fabric toys, the main components of the name and content of safe use and assembly plans, maintenance and maintenance, safe use of the producer , The name of the dealer address
    • Combustion performance:
    • Electrical properties: input power, temperature rise, electrical strength, resistance to moisture, mechanical strength, structure, cord and wire protection, components, screws and connections, clearances and creepage distances, heat and flame, radiation, toxicity and Similar hazards, noise test, insulation test, pressure test, leakage current test, contact resistance test, ground resistance test
  • Other physical properties of the test: 100 grid test, wear test, scratch test, plug force / plug endurance test, bending test, swing test, key life test, hardness test, drop hammer impact, pendulum impact, tensile Strength, yield strength test


Test items: